2510 Maratea

PAT. M507285 & CHINA PAT. ZL201520280311.8

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  • Hydro-dynamic and modern design
  • Deep foot pocket relieves ankle pressure
  • Drag-reducing vents decrease resistance
  • Achieve higher performance with less exertion
  • Additional slider on end of blade increases overall blade length by 3 cm to enhance propulsion
The Maratea’s multi-composite blade is very stable, highly maneuverable, and agile when kicking. The combination of the different materials on the blades provides great blade flex and allows you to maintain exceptional stability. The large, stiff side rails and the two center ribs channel water down the blade to increase your kicking efficiency. The low-profile foot pocket eliminates drag and turbulence and the specially designed pattern on the bottom of the foot pocket provides great comfort and prevents you from skidding. The heavy-duty strap has a large heel tab for grabbing onto when putting the fin on.
  • Sizes Available for 1475 Fin Strap: M, L, XL

Extendable blade