1057 Series

PAT. 218445

  • Patented semi-dry top system
  • Dotted mouthpiece and corrugated flex joint
  • Maximum air volume intake and exhaust valve
These snorkels come equipped with a suspended baffle inside the dry top that directs splashing water towards the side valve. Reduced residual water in the barrel and flat tube for minimal water resistance.
  • 1057S: Clear dotted silicone mouthpiece and clear silicone corrugated flex joint
  • 1057KS: Black dotted silicone mouthpiece and black silicone corrugated flex joint
  • 1057Q: Clear dotted silicone mouthpiece and clear PVC corrugated flex joint
  • Colors Available: B, BT, K, C, FY, FG , P, CB, CBT, CK, and CFY